Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ramadama Dingdong's Audience Can Relate To The Swamp Ass

It has become apparent to entrepreneurs everywhere, that marketing their business on the Internet, is a vital part of building their brand and communicating with consumers. However, with more and more companies reporting disappointing results from their search engine marketing and social media efforts, it has become increasingly important for Internet marketing companies, to address the growing concerns of business owners; and ease their apprehension.

It would appear that in many instances, businesses do not perform proper in-depth market research, to adequately understand their customers; competition or marketplace. I believe it was Ramadama Dingdong that once told me... "if you are failing to plan, you might as well be planning to fail." If businesses cannot relate to their audience, then there is little hope that their audience will relate to them, and even less hope for a successful Internet marketing campaign; and favorable ROI. The answer lies in building meaningful and long-term relationships, with the Internet audience.

When creating your business' online persona, it must not only reflect the ethics and values of your company, but also those of your customers. Your business'/brand's personality, must be one that your audience immediately connects with; and can closely relate to. To be successful at this approach, you must first get to know the likes and dislikes, of the consumers in your target marketplace. Even if your name is Swamp Ass, conducting proper market research, will uncover the similarities and kinship you share with your consumer audience. It is then up to you to identify these commonalities, and highlight them to make a meaningful connection, with your friends, followers and visitors.

Guest post by Kristoffer Howes, CEO TWMG LLC.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Ramadama Dingdong Mantra For SEO Success

Although the strategies employed in search engine optimization may change, I believe that the fundamentals of ethical SEO and search engine marketing, will remain the same. I compare these principles to the foundation of a home or building. Through trial and triumph, they will provide steadfastness and dependability. Businesses that focus on the three fundamental principles of search engine optimization I have listed below, will consistently enjoy favorable results, in their search engine marketing efforts:
  1. Generate Relevant Content: Aside from being relevant, your content should also be remarkable. This approach will inspire visitors to share your content, and thus, encourage website traffic.
  2. Promote Inbound Linking: Links from inspired consumers and credible industry resources, are extremely valuable. To entice visitors to share or link to your webpages, generate remarkable content for your audience.
  3. Encourage Website Traffic: Nothing will encourage website traffic, like an endorsement from friends and followers. Consistently generate meaningful content, to keep your audience coming back for more, and talking about your business.
To summarize the three points above, the Ramadama Dingdong mantra for SEO success is: "Generate remarkable content, that inspires people to share and promote links to your website, and in turn; encourages consistent website traffic".

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Differing Opinions About The Value of Social Bookmarking

Back in 2003, Delicious (then called pioneered a system of user generated tags, and was highly successful in coining the term “social bookmarking.” Then in 2004, as Delicious began to gain popularity, Stumbleupon released a related system of recommendation. Today, there are a number of credible social bookmarking websites on the Internet (including Digg and Reddit), who offer a similar system for organizing news and events.

Social bookmarking is intended to encourage Internet users to share, organize, search, and manage a collection; of noteworthy web resources. It also represents a great opportunity for website owners, to improve consumer awareness, promote their brand and generate additional website traffic. Furthermore, it has been suggested that the more often a webpage is submitted and tagged, the better chance it has of returning favorably; in search results.

However, because social bookmarking is easily available, many of the entries are performed by Internet users, who are either unfamiliar with the importance of properly tagged content, or are eager to exploit it. As such, without monitoring how resources are organized and categorized, the result is often the inconsistent or improper use of keywords; and as such, unreliable and fragmented resources. With that being said, Ramadama Dingdong has warned that social bookmarking websites have an obligation to update their security systems regularly, and overcome the abuses of spammers; and maintain the integrity of their content.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Create a Consistent and Meaningful Social Media Message

Stop for a moment, and strongly consider the principles of your organization, that inspire a meaningful connection; with your customers. Although there may be a number of terms that you can use to favorably describe your business, focus your efforts and attention on choosing the best qualities, to build the foundation of your brand message; upon. It is paramount that you firmly establish your corporate mission, and focused consumer message, prior to launching your social media marketing campaign.

Once you are certain you have selected the most inspiring and endearing words, every aspect of your business's marketing and advertising plan, must relate a cohesive brand building message; that is based on the principles you have identified. For example, the marketing strategies employed by the Swamp Ass marketing staff, always remain loyal to the principals of your business, and effectively convey the morals, ethics and standards; that drive your brand. This is important to businesses and consumers.

If you can develop an effective marketing strategy (based on the principles you identified), that relates a cohesive brand building message and uses relevant, endearing and remarkable content to consistently engage your Internet audience, you will encourage meaningful relationships with consumers; and contribute to your ongoing social media marketing success.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Answers to Common Social Media Marketing Questions

Perhaps if more business owners understood their obligations and responsibilities to the social community, then there will be a much higher rate of social media adoption and success. With that in mind, I have listed answers to the 3 most commonly social media questions; asked by apprehensive entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  1. What are the goals of my social media marketing campaign? An effective and personalized social media strategy, will build meaningful relationships, with online community members. It increases consumer awareness, educates your audience, and builds a favorable reputation for your brand.
  2. What marketing methods or strategies should I apply, when using social media? Firmly establish your brand message, before you begin your social media marketing efforts. Then, personalize your social media strategy by contributing to the online community, through meaningful branded content, and active participation; in a two way conversation. As well, businesses should show their appreciation to loyal and supportive followers and fans, by acknowledging their valued input; and participation.
  3. What rewards or benefits can I expect from a social media marketing campaign? Even if your name is Ramadama Dingdong and your friends call you Swamp Ass, social media marketing efforts can generate positive exposure for you, your business and your brand. As well, social media can provide information, to help anticipate and react to changes in the marketplace, that could have a beneficial or adverse affect on your company's reputation and revenues.
If businesses are successful in applying a consistent and personalized approach to social media, they can begin to build long-term, meaningful and insightful relationships, with new and existing customers.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swamp Ass Tip: Use Social Media to Introduce Your Business

For many entrepreneurs and SMBs, introducing their company to Internet consumers, has proven to be a demanding and discouraging experience. In most instances, their failed attempts at social media marketing, can be attributed to the lack of proper market research, and the implementation of a poor campaign strategy. As such, to avoid becoming further discouraged by repeated social media failures, it is recommend that businesses focus their efforts, on these three fundamentals; of social media marketing success:
  1. Firmly establish your corporate mission and consumer message. Determine the principles of your brand, and clearly define your campaign goals. Then, when communicating with the consumer audience, ensure that your message consistently conveys the morals, ethics and standards; that drive your brand.
  2. Generate meaningful and relevant content, that will inspire your consumer audience to share with others. It should come as no surprise to learn, that people like remarkable things and more importantly; they like to talk about them. This is why many of the branding strategies applied in social media marketing, are (somewhat) similar to polished political speeches, that provide the audience with an exciting and inspiring message; that creates awareness and encourages conversation. Businesses must repeat and reinforce, their focused campaign message, and remain loyal to the principals of their brand, in all methods of communication; with the consumer audience.
  3. Participate in your social community, by actively contributing to the conversation. Your social media audience can provide valuable information, about what customers are talking about, and looking for. Take this opportunity, to develop a successful content strategy, and personalized social media marketing plan; that satisfies your friends and followers.
During challenging economic times, Swamp Ass Marketing's brand managers have created some really innovative methods, of reaching their apprehensive audience. The Internet marketing strategies employed, have captured the attention of motivated consumers, and successfully conveyed a focused brand message to the Internet audience; that was consistent, relevant, remarkable and endearing.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Exact Match Domains Not The Favorite in Swamp Ass Search

There have been countless instances, where search engine marketers have seen an exact match domain name, out-perform a branded (non-keyword related) URL; in Google search results. When the search giant was questioned about the practice, they indicated that the influence that exact match domain names had, would (at some time) be eliminated by an algorithmic update. In the meantime, just how much weight does it carry and is the favoritism absolute, or can it be overcome with clever search engine marketing an optimization strategies?

In an International SEO competition currently underway, a majority of the participants believed that Google does favor exact match domains, and chose one or both of the competitive keywords; for their website's URL. Probably a wise choice. Why? Recently, the search engine has returned results for the term "ramadama dingdong", that clearly favors exact match domain names; in the search result pages.

So considering all of the mounting evidence, is there any stopping the power and influence of a domain name, that matches the search query exactly? I believe so. Thankfully, the Google search algorithm is far more advanced, than simple URL vs keyword recognition. The other factors that the search engine takes into consideration, can be exploited to gain a competitive advantage over exact match domains. In fact, only one website ranking in the top 10 for term swamp ass, has the keyword phrase in the primary domain (see below). This demonstrates that by utilizing the principles of good search engine marketing, like generating meaningful and relevant content and developing a credible linking strategy, search marketers can improve their odds; against an exact match domain.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Share Stories That Surprise, Inspire and Delight Your Audience

One method of encouraging Like-ability for your company or brand, is to consistently share and encourage inspiring stories, about your business, products or service; that repeatedly surprise and delight your Internet audience.

Using traditional advertising, businesses and corporations would normally purchase a 30 second ad spot on TV or radio, to share these personal messages. Today, popular social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, offer valuable opportunities to interact with consumers, and build credibility and trust; based on the meaningful content that is shared. You see, the traditional approach to marketing/advertising provided a one-way communication, whereas social media marketing is a back-and-forth conversation; between brands and the consumer audience.

Businesses that are promoting a more personalized approach to social media, can introduce these stories to bring their business or brand "to life." By sharing stories about struggles and obstacles that have been overcome, like the one told by the Swamp Ass, businesses can instill a deep emotional attachment with consumers; who can very closely relate to them.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Benefits of Blogging

Starting a company blog is a great way to create valuable in-bound links to your webpages, and promote consumer awareness about your company, brand and products. Effective blogging will provide your business with a platform, in which to share ideas and Industry advice; with like-minded businesses and consumers.

Before rushing in, eager participants should consider that this approach to marketing, is expected to (nearly) double their online workload. Furthermore, ambitious bloggers should heed a warning from the Swamp Ass, that a poorly maintained blog, that does not provide current, meaningful and/or relevant content; has little or no value to consumers.

By consistently generating meaningful content for your blog, you will remain current, active and knowledgeable, in a specific topic or general field; related to your business. And, by building and maintaining an image as a dependable source of industry information, friends and followers will visit your website more frequently; and engage in conversation routinely. In addition, this approach provides you with an excellent opportunity to gently promote your products/services, build your brand and motivate consumers to make a purchase; or contact you.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Commenting on Facebook Comments

I am a bit apprehensive, about implementing Facebook comments, into my blog, blog posts and pages. The fact that I rarely leave comments myself, and I make only a modest appearance on Facebook, is probably the reasoning behind it. Nevertheless, to appreciate the benefits that Facebook comments can provide, you must take a moment to participate in the community, by providing meaningful feedback of your own; on interesting posts and pages.

Considering that the motivation behind the content that you generate daily, is to inspire visitors to share their experience with their friends and followers, you must offer your webpage visitors; the easiest methods in which to facilitate this. Unquestionably, Facebook comments provides just such a method. Here is how... When a visitors leaves a comment, the content of that endorsement is displayed on their wall, as well as their friend's feed. In many cases, this encourages other members of the community to comment back and forth, which repeatedly inspires conversation and word of mouse marketing. Furthermore, anyone who operates a WordPress blog, knows the hours spent moderating comments and reporting spammers. Because Facebook members must be logged in to participate, Facebook determines if a real person or anonymous user is commenting.

All things considered, the only drawback I can identify, is that not everyone is a Facebook community member. Aside from that, I think that Facebook comments is a great way to showcase rich and meaningful feedback from the community that supports the Swamp Ass, and genuinely enjoys the Internet marketing advice; that I openly provide.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

YouTube Marketing Can Even Make a Swamp Ass Look Good

People watch YouTube videos because they are entertaining, educational or humourous. Regardless, the content must be remarkable, so as to inspire further social action; and continued consumer support.

Companies that are new to YouTube marketing, should focus their efforts on creating something that is fun. Aim for something that will with either leave the audience laughing, or scratching their heads. Do not try and force their action. Your video should be something worth watching, that consumers are inspired to share, with their friends and followers.

Nevertheless, businesses should not be afraid, to make a modest effort. Even if you have an odd name, like the Swamp Ass, and the project has no budget behind it; you won’t get anywhere without experimenting. Furthermore, when a YouTube campaign is well-executed, it can offer many benefits to businesses; in the way of online brand visibility.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Other People Appreciate Remarkable Things

When something is "remarkable", it means that it is worthy of a remark. And without question, the process of conveying the "remarkable" details to others, involves participating in a conversation. Ideally during this sharing of information, consumers will effectively communicate their endorsement, in a manner that their peers can relate to. In turn, this inspires a receptive audience, to relay the message to others; initiating a perpetual cycle of word of mouth and Word of Mouse marketing.

What make this approach so effective? Unlike the intrusive television ads that routinely disrupt your nightly sitcoms, sporting events and made-for-TV movies (etc.), this form of marketing is permissive.

"Because the social interaction takes place in a comfortable environment, and the desire for the conversation was either invited or implied, consumers do not feel as apprehensive about the approach; of intrusive marketers and advertisers."- The Swamp Ass, Ramadama Dingdong.

By generating remarkable content for website visitors and Internet consumers, and by using word of mouse marketing to communicate your message to friends and peers, the product or service endorsement will be far better received; by your apprehensive marketplace.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Business Owners Should Use Social Media to Build Trust

A successful social media strategy will use social media resources like Twitter, to connect you with thought leaders, journalists and bloggers in your industry. Facebook, is also highly effective, however more so for direct contact with your consumers. In Twitter's case, this approach can help your business get the exposure it needs, to effectively introduce your brand to consumers and the marketplace.

Ideally you will seek-out credible individuals who blog, tweet and post updates about relevant industry information and consistently link to trusted industry resources. Make no mistake, this approach will take time to build trust and authority. Take me for example. With a name like Ramadama Dingdong, and a laughable nickname like the Swamp Ass, establishing credibility with apprehensive clients; can be difficult.

Why is building trust and authority so important? Consumers want to conduct business, with the companies and brands that they trust. If more businesses understood the value of this trust, and the need to get search engines and consumers to trust them and their products or services, I am certain they would conduct their business and Internet marketing; in a much different way.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Social Media Improves Awareness

To avoid any confusion, let me begin by saying that social media is really about two things: raising consumer awareness for your company, and tapping into relevant online conversations; that could have an affect your Industry, your business and it's technology.

To be successful at this approach, you must implement a social media strategy that includes genuine participation, acknowledgement, consistency, persistence and perseverance. The Swamp Ass says that by following this proven method, businesses "can build a strong and loyal customer base, which allows brands to forge meaningful relationships; with new and existing clients." Furthermore, this "more personal" approach to social media marketing, encourages businesses to stay current on matters related to their industry; as well as changes in the marketplace that might influence consumer needs and demand.

If you apply your social media content creatively to raise consumer awareness, educate your target market and build your brand, your social media marketing efforts will help generate positive exposure for your products or service; and help to effectively address your audience’s ever-changing needs. In fact, social media can provide a business with the information it requires, to anticipate and react to changes in the marketplace, that could have an affect on consumer sentiment; and potentially help/hurt company revenues.