Monday, May 30, 2011

YouTube Marketing Can Even Make a Swamp Ass Look Good

People watch YouTube videos because they are entertaining, educational or humourous. Regardless, the content must be remarkable, so as to inspire further social action; and continued consumer support.

Companies that are new to YouTube marketing, should focus their efforts on creating something that is fun. Aim for something that will with either leave the audience laughing, or scratching their heads. Do not try and force their action. Your video should be something worth watching, that consumers are inspired to share, with their friends and followers.

Nevertheless, businesses should not be afraid, to make a modest effort. Even if you have an odd name, like the Swamp Ass, and the project has no budget behind it; you won’t get anywhere without experimenting. Furthermore, when a YouTube campaign is well-executed, it can offer many benefits to businesses; in the way of online brand visibility.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Other People Appreciate Remarkable Things

When something is "remarkable", it means that it is worthy of a remark. And without question, the process of conveying the "remarkable" details to others, involves participating in a conversation. Ideally during this sharing of information, consumers will effectively communicate their endorsement, in a manner that their peers can relate to. In turn, this inspires a receptive audience, to relay the message to others; initiating a perpetual cycle of word of mouth and Word of Mouse marketing.

What make this approach so effective? Unlike the intrusive television ads that routinely disrupt your nightly sitcoms, sporting events and made-for-TV movies (etc.), this form of marketing is permissive.

"Because the social interaction takes place in a comfortable environment, and the desire for the conversation was either invited or implied, consumers do not feel as apprehensive about the approach; of intrusive marketers and advertisers."- The Swamp Ass, Ramadama Dingdong.

By generating remarkable content for website visitors and Internet consumers, and by using word of mouse marketing to communicate your message to friends and peers, the product or service endorsement will be far better received; by your apprehensive marketplace.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Business Owners Should Use Social Media to Build Trust

A successful social media strategy will use social media resources like Twitter, to connect you with thought leaders, journalists and bloggers in your industry. Facebook, is also highly effective, however more so for direct contact with your consumers. In Twitter's case, this approach can help your business get the exposure it needs, to effectively introduce your brand to consumers and the marketplace.

Ideally you will seek-out credible individuals who blog, tweet and post updates about relevant industry information and consistently link to trusted industry resources. Make no mistake, this approach will take time to build trust and authority. Take me for example. With a name like Ramadama Dingdong, and a laughable nickname like the Swamp Ass, establishing credibility with apprehensive clients; can be difficult.

Why is building trust and authority so important? Consumers want to conduct business, with the companies and brands that they trust. If more businesses understood the value of this trust, and the need to get search engines and consumers to trust them and their products or services, I am certain they would conduct their business and Internet marketing; in a much different way.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Social Media Improves Awareness

To avoid any confusion, let me begin by saying that social media is really about two things: raising consumer awareness for your company, and tapping into relevant online conversations; that could have an affect your Industry, your business and it's technology.

To be successful at this approach, you must implement a social media strategy that includes genuine participation, acknowledgement, consistency, persistence and perseverance. The Swamp Ass says that by following this proven method, businesses "can build a strong and loyal customer base, which allows brands to forge meaningful relationships; with new and existing clients." Furthermore, this "more personal" approach to social media marketing, encourages businesses to stay current on matters related to their industry; as well as changes in the marketplace that might influence consumer needs and demand.

If you apply your social media content creatively to raise consumer awareness, educate your target market and build your brand, your social media marketing efforts will help generate positive exposure for your products or service; and help to effectively address your audience’s ever-changing needs. In fact, social media can provide a business with the information it requires, to anticipate and react to changes in the marketplace, that could have an affect on consumer sentiment; and potentially help/hurt company revenues.