Friday, July 8, 2011

Answers to Common Social Media Marketing Questions

Perhaps if more business owners understood their obligations and responsibilities to the social community, then there will be a much higher rate of social media adoption and success. With that in mind, I have listed answers to the 3 most commonly social media questions; asked by apprehensive entrepreneurs and small business owners.
  1. What are the goals of my social media marketing campaign? An effective and personalized social media strategy, will build meaningful relationships, with online community members. It increases consumer awareness, educates your audience, and builds a favorable reputation for your brand.
  2. What marketing methods or strategies should I apply, when using social media? Firmly establish your brand message, before you begin your social media marketing efforts. Then, personalize your social media strategy by contributing to the online community, through meaningful branded content, and active participation; in a two way conversation. As well, businesses should show their appreciation to loyal and supportive followers and fans, by acknowledging their valued input; and participation.
  3. What rewards or benefits can I expect from a social media marketing campaign? Even if your name is Ramadama Dingdong and your friends call you Swamp Ass, social media marketing efforts can generate positive exposure for you, your business and your brand. As well, social media can provide information, to help anticipate and react to changes in the marketplace, that could have a beneficial or adverse affect on your company's reputation and revenues.
If businesses are successful in applying a consistent and personalized approach to social media, they can begin to build long-term, meaningful and insightful relationships, with new and existing customers.

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