Thursday, July 7, 2011

Swamp Ass Tip: Use Social Media to Introduce Your Business

For many entrepreneurs and SMBs, introducing their company to Internet consumers, has proven to be a demanding and discouraging experience. In most instances, their failed attempts at social media marketing, can be attributed to the lack of proper market research, and the implementation of a poor campaign strategy. As such, to avoid becoming further discouraged by repeated social media failures, it is recommend that businesses focus their efforts, on these three fundamentals; of social media marketing success:
  1. Firmly establish your corporate mission and consumer message. Determine the principles of your brand, and clearly define your campaign goals. Then, when communicating with the consumer audience, ensure that your message consistently conveys the morals, ethics and standards; that drive your brand.
  2. Generate meaningful and relevant content, that will inspire your consumer audience to share with others. It should come as no surprise to learn, that people like remarkable things and more importantly; they like to talk about them. This is why many of the branding strategies applied in social media marketing, are (somewhat) similar to polished political speeches, that provide the audience with an exciting and inspiring message; that creates awareness and encourages conversation. Businesses must repeat and reinforce, their focused campaign message, and remain loyal to the principals of their brand, in all methods of communication; with the consumer audience.
  3. Participate in your social community, by actively contributing to the conversation. Your social media audience can provide valuable information, about what customers are talking about, and looking for. Take this opportunity, to develop a successful content strategy, and personalized social media marketing plan; that satisfies your friends and followers.
During challenging economic times, Swamp Ass Marketing's brand managers have created some really innovative methods, of reaching their apprehensive audience. The Internet marketing strategies employed, have captured the attention of motivated consumers, and successfully conveyed a focused brand message to the Internet audience; that was consistent, relevant, remarkable and endearing.

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