Monday, June 27, 2011

Share Stories That Surprise, Inspire and Delight Your Audience

One method of encouraging Like-ability for your company or brand, is to consistently share and encourage inspiring stories, about your business, products or service; that repeatedly surprise and delight your Internet audience.

Using traditional advertising, businesses and corporations would normally purchase a 30 second ad spot on TV or radio, to share these personal messages. Today, popular social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, offer valuable opportunities to interact with consumers, and build credibility and trust; based on the meaningful content that is shared. You see, the traditional approach to marketing/advertising provided a one-way communication, whereas social media marketing is a back-and-forth conversation; between brands and the consumer audience.

Businesses that are promoting a more personalized approach to social media, can introduce these stories to bring their business or brand "to life." By sharing stories about struggles and obstacles that have been overcome, like the one told by the Swamp Ass, businesses can instill a deep emotional attachment with consumers; who can very closely relate to them.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Benefits of Blogging

Starting a company blog is a great way to create valuable in-bound links to your webpages, and promote consumer awareness about your company, brand and products. Effective blogging will provide your business with a platform, in which to share ideas and Industry advice; with like-minded businesses and consumers.

Before rushing in, eager participants should consider that this approach to marketing, is expected to (nearly) double their online workload. Furthermore, ambitious bloggers should heed a warning from the Swamp Ass, that a poorly maintained blog, that does not provide current, meaningful and/or relevant content; has little or no value to consumers.

By consistently generating meaningful content for your blog, you will remain current, active and knowledgeable, in a specific topic or general field; related to your business. And, by building and maintaining an image as a dependable source of industry information, friends and followers will visit your website more frequently; and engage in conversation routinely. In addition, this approach provides you with an excellent opportunity to gently promote your products/services, build your brand and motivate consumers to make a purchase; or contact you.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Commenting on Facebook Comments

I am a bit apprehensive, about implementing Facebook comments, into my blog, blog posts and pages. The fact that I rarely leave comments myself, and I make only a modest appearance on Facebook, is probably the reasoning behind it. Nevertheless, to appreciate the benefits that Facebook comments can provide, you must take a moment to participate in the community, by providing meaningful feedback of your own; on interesting posts and pages.

Considering that the motivation behind the content that you generate daily, is to inspire visitors to share their experience with their friends and followers, you must offer your webpage visitors; the easiest methods in which to facilitate this. Unquestionably, Facebook comments provides just such a method. Here is how... When a visitors leaves a comment, the content of that endorsement is displayed on their wall, as well as their friend's feed. In many cases, this encourages other members of the community to comment back and forth, which repeatedly inspires conversation and word of mouse marketing. Furthermore, anyone who operates a WordPress blog, knows the hours spent moderating comments and reporting spammers. Because Facebook members must be logged in to participate, Facebook determines if a real person or anonymous user is commenting.

All things considered, the only drawback I can identify, is that not everyone is a Facebook community member. Aside from that, I think that Facebook comments is a great way to showcase rich and meaningful feedback from the community that supports the Swamp Ass, and genuinely enjoys the Internet marketing advice; that I openly provide.

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