Thursday, May 19, 2011

Business Owners Should Use Social Media to Build Trust

A successful social media strategy will use social media resources like Twitter, to connect you with thought leaders, journalists and bloggers in your industry. Facebook, is also highly effective, however more so for direct contact with your consumers. In Twitter's case, this approach can help your business get the exposure it needs, to effectively introduce your brand to consumers and the marketplace.

Ideally you will seek-out credible individuals who blog, tweet and post updates about relevant industry information and consistently link to trusted industry resources. Make no mistake, this approach will take time to build trust and authority. Take me for example. With a name like Ramadama Dingdong, and a laughable nickname like the Swamp Ass, establishing credibility with apprehensive clients; can be difficult.

Why is building trust and authority so important? Consumers want to conduct business, with the companies and brands that they trust. If more businesses understood the value of this trust, and the need to get search engines and consumers to trust them and their products or services, I am certain they would conduct their business and Internet marketing; in a much different way.

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