Monday, June 27, 2011

Share Stories That Surprise, Inspire and Delight Your Audience

One method of encouraging Like-ability for your company or brand, is to consistently share and encourage inspiring stories, about your business, products or service; that repeatedly surprise and delight your Internet audience.

Using traditional advertising, businesses and corporations would normally purchase a 30 second ad spot on TV or radio, to share these personal messages. Today, popular social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, offer valuable opportunities to interact with consumers, and build credibility and trust; based on the meaningful content that is shared. You see, the traditional approach to marketing/advertising provided a one-way communication, whereas social media marketing is a back-and-forth conversation; between brands and the consumer audience.

Businesses that are promoting a more personalized approach to social media, can introduce these stories to bring their business or brand "to life." By sharing stories about struggles and obstacles that have been overcome, like the one told by the Swamp Ass, businesses can instill a deep emotional attachment with consumers; who can very closely relate to them.

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