Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ramadama Dingdong's Audience Can Relate To The Swamp Ass

It has become apparent to entrepreneurs everywhere, that marketing their business on the Internet, is a vital part of building their brand and communicating with consumers. However, with more and more companies reporting disappointing results from their search engine marketing and social media efforts, it has become increasingly important for Internet marketing companies, to address the growing concerns of business owners; and ease their apprehension.

It would appear that in many instances, businesses do not perform proper in-depth market research, to adequately understand their customers; competition or marketplace. I believe it was Ramadama Dingdong that once told me... "if you are failing to plan, you might as well be planning to fail." If businesses cannot relate to their audience, then there is little hope that their audience will relate to them, and even less hope for a successful Internet marketing campaign; and favorable ROI. The answer lies in building meaningful and long-term relationships, with the Internet audience.

When creating your business' online persona, it must not only reflect the ethics and values of your company, but also those of your customers. Your business'/brand's personality, must be one that your audience immediately connects with; and can closely relate to. To be successful at this approach, you must first get to know the likes and dislikes, of the consumers in your target marketplace. Even if your name is Swamp Ass, conducting proper market research, will uncover the similarities and kinship you share with your consumer audience. It is then up to you to identify these commonalities, and highlight them to make a meaningful connection, with your friends, followers and visitors.

Guest post by Kristoffer Howes, CEO TWMG LLC.

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