About Ramadama Dingdong

Greetings and welcome.

Although I am more commonly known as the Swamp Ass, my name is Ramadama Dingdong and I have an important message to share, with business owners and entrepreneurs; everywhere.

I believe that I have proven, that even if someone lives in a small community with limited opportunities, and everyone they know calls them by an odd name like Swamp Ass, they can rise above their circumstances and achieve greatness; if they truly believe in their own success. You see, even as a young boy, I believed that I would leave the swamp behind, and that one day the name Ramadama Dingdong would grace the office door, of my very own successful company. Just like Jack Black's character said in the movie Orange County, "I didn't go to college and look at me... I'm kick ass."

How did I accomplish this? Through hard work, determination and dedication, I have shown the non-believers back in the swamp, that Ramadama Dingdong is much more than "just another swamp ass;" and that nowadays I am known to many as THE Swamp Ass. Although this is not a title that many people would like, when it is followed by successful entrepreneur, businessman and Internet marketing strategist, I don't mind a bit.

For more Internet marketing tips and advice, join me @TheSwampAss on Twitter.